Urgent: Old Maharlikan Gold Exchange For New MGOLD

MGOLD is the Future Bitcoin Gold Standard for the benefit of Humanity and it is not for cheap traders.

To all those cheap traders out there, who realized the lesson that doing cheap trading will make you poor for the rest of your lives.

Old Maharlikan Gold 50,000:1 Exchange Ratio

You have now ONE CHANCE to exchange your Old Maharlikan Gold Coins to New MGOLD Coins for 50,000:1 exchange ratio.

That means, for every 50,000 Old Maharlikan Gold Coins you can exchange for 1 New MGOLD Coin.

So, if you exchange 10M Old Maharlikan Gold you will receive 200 New MGOLD. If you exchange 100M Old Maharlikan Gold you will receive 2,000 New MGOLD and so on:

1M Old Maharlikan Gold = 20 New MOLD
10M Old Maharlikan Gold = 200 New MOLD
100M Old Maharlikan Gold = 2,000 New MOLD
1B Old Maharlikan Gold = 20,000 New MOLD
10B Old Maharlikan Gold = 200,000 New MOLD

All you have to do is, send all your Old Maharlikan Gold Coins to the following Admins Wallet below:


After you send all your Old Maharlian Gold Coins to the above Admins Wallet, you will receive the equivalent New MGOLD Coins within 48 hours. You have to exchange asap before the deadline in October 31, 2020.

The New MGOLD price will Skyrocket to $1, so this is your ONLY CHANCE to stop cheap trading and change your life for the better.


MGOLD COIN is the Only Digital Currency that will be Backed-up by Gold Bullion for the Benefit of Humanity. The Future Digital Currency of Humanity.

Hold at Least 3,000,000 New MGOLD COINS

Starting this month of February 2020, MGOLD COIN will now generate passive interest of 3% per month for new holders who acquire and hold at least 3,000,000 NEW MGOLD COINS and will never sell until the price reaches $1.

So, if you are holding 3,000,000 MGOLD COINS, you will gain 90,000 MGOLD COINS per month and so on, until the price reaches $1.

Click here now for more details: https://www.mgold.gold/mgold-interest/


(February 08, 2020)

MGOLD COIN is the Only Digital Currency that will be Backed-up by Gold Bullion for the Benefit of Humanity. The Future Digital Currency of Humanity.

Holding MGOLD is a privilege, if you try to do cheap trading, garbage trading, dumping early and insulting the Volunteers then you will suffer some consequences.

NEW MGOLD COIN Delayed Distribution at $1 Price

Almost all MGOLD millionaire holders before were doing cheap trading, dumping early, insulting Volunteers and want to be poor again.

So, there will be no early exchange and distribution to prevent this problem again. The new MGOLD COIN will be distributed only when the price reaches $1, to Selected Holders who have actually bought the last MGOLD and are in Good Standing. No exception.

So, here are the Initial Selected Top Holders that will get new MGOLD COIN with 400:1 and 10000:1 exchange ratio when the price reaches $1:

The Volunteers are having hard time checking each wallet because there are bunch of cheap, garbage, those who tried to dump early and tried to cheat.

The process of checking, filtering and allocation will be completed within 3 months and the listing of holders will be updated here: https://mgold.gold/mgold-top-holders/

Note: We will no longer entertain emails from cheap traders, garbage traders, those who tried to sell or dump early and those who cause troubles and problems.

MGOLD COIN will Skyrocket to $1 in a Blink of an Eye

MGOLD COIN will surely rise to $1 in the blink of an eye. Those who hold MGOLD COIN plus Waves will change your lives forever, very soon. This is your ONLY CHANCE and Opportunity and no other can do it even Bitcoin, XRP or Bitcoin Cash.

Get and Hold up to 100M MGOLD COINS now while the price is less than $1 and don’t remain poor for the rest of your life at: Waves.Exchange