MGOLD COIN is the Only Digital Currency that will be Backed-up by Gold Bullion for the Benefit of Humanity. The Future Digital Currency of Humanity.

Hold at Least 1,000,000 New MGOLD COINS

Starting this month of February 2020. MGOLD COIN will now generate passive 3% interest per month for New Holders, who acquire and hold at least 1,000,000 NEW MGOLD COINS and will never sell until the price reaches $1.

So, if you are holding 1,000,000 MGOLD COINS, you will gain 30,000 MGOLD COINS as passive interest per month and so on, until the price reaches $1.

Note: Only the new MGOLD holders who acquire at least 1,000,000 new MGOLD COINS are eligible for the passive monthly interest.

Old MGOLD holders who will acquire at least 1,000,000 new MGOLD COINS at the current price will be eligible also to gain passive monthly interest for their newly acquired coins.

Warning: If you try to sell even 1 MGOLD COIN, you will be disqualified to gain interest anymore. But, if you hold them all, you will continue to gain passive 3% interest per month, until the price reaches $1.

Passive interest will be paid out to your wallet in the first day of the following month. If you hold 1,000,000 MGOLD COINS this month, then you will gain 30,000 (1,000,000 x 3%) MGOLD COINS every first day of the following months.

MGOLD COIN Interest Compared to Banks

Banks will give you only more or less 0.50% interest per year or 0.04% per month for your deposited money. They will also hold your money, invest your money and loan your money.

The value of your money will be the same, year after year and you will just earn very small interest, less service charges.

MGOLD COINS will give you passive interest of 36% per year or 3% per month as an incentive to hold them in your wallet until the price reaches $1.

You still hold your MGOLD COINS in your wallet while you will gain much bigger interest per month and while you are waiting for the price to skyrocket to at least 10,000%.

MGOLD COIN Compared to Other Stablecoins

MGOLD COIN is not base on paper money or on imaginative value like Dollar, Euro or British Pound.

It will be the gold standard of crypto currency and it has real future value than Bitcoin or other crypto currencies that base only on imaginative value.

MGOLD COIN price will skyrocket to $1 while you gain passive interest. You not only receive passive interest per month but the value of your MGOLD COINS will also skyrocket to 10,000%, unlike other Stablecoins that started already at $1.

This is What You Will Gain By Holding MGOLD COINS

1,000,000 MGOLD COINS X 3% Interest = 30,000 MGOLD COINS Per Month
PLUS 1,000,000 MGOLD COINS X $0.10-$1 Future Price = $300K-$3M MGOLD COINS Value

So, if you want to gain much bigger passive interest per month and want to target Million in the near future then hold at least 1 Million MGOLD COINS now while you gain passive interest of 36% per year or 3% per month, until the price reaches $1.

MGOLD COIN Will Skyrocket to $1

MGOLD COIN will surely skyrocket to $1 in the blink of an eye. Those who hold MGOLD COIN plus Waves will change your lives forever, very soon. This is your ONLY CHANCE and Opportunity and no other can do it even Bitcoin, XRP or Bitcoin Cash.

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